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Dakhla Desert Safari Tours

Accommodation and private desert Safari tours guided by desert experts in Dakhla and most of the Western Desert area.

In ancient times Dakhla was known as the Place of the Two Swords, because it is divided into two distinct areas. It has also been called el-Wah, the ‘Inner Oasis’ and is an area of around 2000 square kilometers, bounded on the west by the Great Sand Sea, on the north by a high limestone escarpment and on the east by the Abu Tartur Plateau.
From el-Kharga, the trip to the eastern edge of the Dakhla Oasis covers 150 kilometers travelling along an ancient desert track, through some spectacular dune-fields. If coming from the north and Farafra, the distance is around 230 kilometers.
Dakhla is the most highly-populated region in the Wadi el-Gedid, or New Valley - the name, since 1958, by which the oases of Kharga, Dakhla and Farafra are known. The government of Egypt is working to unleash the full potential of these desert areas, with plans to further develop agriculture, mineral resources, industry and tourism.
There is evidence that Dakhla, like other desert regions, has been inhabited since Prehistoric times - fossil bones associated with human habitation have been found here from 150,000 years ago.
When the region gradually became more arid people began to move closer towards the sources of water. Several skeletons, flint and bone tools and some of the earliest hut circles in Africa have been found here, dating from the Neolithic era (circa 5000 B.C.).

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