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Luxurious dahabiya in Aswan
Egypt Cruises

Egypt Cruises

A list of Nile cruises, Dahabiya cruises, Lake Nasser cruises and felucca day tours and cruises. All vessels have been handpicked by our Travel Experts for their good service and positive recommendations.

Cruise Categories

In Egypt, there are many vessels that sail on the Nile and Lake Nasser. Those vessels are categorised as follows:

M/S - Motor Cruise Ships
They are the most common cruise vessels. More than 250 motor cruise ships sail on the Nile downstream between Aswan and Luxor, or the other direction. Some upmarket ships have deluxe standard with Spa and other luxurious facilities. There are also few existing authentic steam ships (S/S) that still sail on the Nile.

Other motor cruise ships sail in Lake Nasser, between Aswan and Abu Simbel to the south. Note that those cruises are Not the same as the Nile cruises that sail north of Aswan to Luxor.

Nile cruise ships.
Lake Nasser cruise ships.

The Cairo-Luxor Nile route has reopened to cruise ships. In 2013 travellers can explore the Nile on a long cruise journey.

Aswan-Cairo Nile cruise.
Luxor-Cairo Nile cruise.

A Dahabiya is a traditional shallow-bottomed, barge-like vessel with two or more sails. Dahabiyas have been around in one form or another for thousands of years. They are usually wind driven. Nowadays, authentic Dahabiyas can accommodate up to twenty passengers or more, and are often fitted with motors as well as sails. Sailing on a Dahabiya is an out-of-the-ordinary journey.

Nile Dahabiyas.

A felucca is a traditional wooden sailing boat, smaller than a Dahabiya, used particularly along the Nile in Egypt. Its rig consists of one lateen sail and the boat can measure up to twelve meters. A journey in a felucca is full of adventures. There are no cabins on a felucca. Guests usually sleep on the deck that can be covered all around by heavy curtains. Glory of Nubia is one of the fanciest feluccas and is equipped with a mobile toilet.

Nile felucca - Glory of Nubia.

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